APC, or Alternative PHP Cache, is a PHP module that caches the output code of database-driven script apps. Dynamic PHP websites keep their content inside a database which is accessed whenever a visitor loads a webpage. The content which should be viewed is retrieved and the code is parsed and compiled before it's delivered to the visitor. These actions take some processing time and require reading and writing on the hosting server for each and every page which is opened. While this can't be avoided for websites with regularly changing content material, there're numerous websites that feature the exact same content on a number of of their pages constantly - blogs, informational portals, hotel and restaurant sites, and many others. APC is exceptionally useful for this kind of Internet sites because it caches the already compiled code and shows it every time visitors browse the cached webpages, so the code doesn't have to be parsed and compiled all over again. Not only will this minimize the server load, but it'll also boost the speed of any Internet site many times.