The disk space function shows the full capacity of data that you could have on your shared hosting server at any given time. With a home PC, for instance, this is the size of your hard disk or the total capacity of all the hard drives in case that your PC has more than just a single one. Exactly as your space on a home machine is shared between installed software programs, docs, your music etc, the server disk space is typically divided between website files, databases and email messages. Every single file, folder and email uses some disk space on your server, therefore you should consider a number of factors, not only the size of the files that you upload. For example, having big e-mail attachments or using a script-driven internet site where the user-generated content is stored in a database may also affect the space you are using.
Disk Space in VPS Servers
Our VPS servers come with disk space allocations proportionate to the computing power that you receive with each and every package. Employing a greater plan, for example, the chances are greater that you will host multiple domains or a huge site, that is why your hard disk storage will increase as you upgrade the plan. When you select our Hepsia hosting Control Panel, all of the domain names will share the storage space, while if you pick DirectAdmin or cPanel, you're able to create individual website hosting accounts and preset a limited volume of the full VPS storage for each individual domain. You can even share out disk space from one domain to another when needed. When you acquire a certain VPS plan and you need more storage at some point, you can upgrade to a higher-end plan with no more than a couple of mouse-clicks from your billing section. The additional resources will be added to your present plan without downtime or content migration.
Disk Space in Dedicated Servers
All our dedicated web hosting plans come with several HDDs in order to match the processing power that you'll get, which means that you will never have to be concerned about not having enough disk space. The drives can be used in RAID, i.e. a drive can be used as a copy of another one to guarantee that all of your data will always be backed up, or you can use it as a stand alone for even bigger full storage capability. Hundreds of gigabytes of disk space will be at your disposal all the time, so you can manage large sites, upload enormous files or even copy your archive. Considering that a dedicated server is definitely the most powerful type of hosting, you will be able to upload/download files with extremely fast speeds. When necessary, we also provide you with the option to include more HDDs and make use of even further storage for your data. We offer 3 hosting Control Panels with our dedicated servers - using Hepsia, all domains will share the full server space and will be managed in one place, whereas with cPanel and DirectAdmin you will have the option to make separate hosting accounts with pre-selected disk space allocations for every single domain hosted on the server.