FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol – a rather popular method of transferring web files between a computer and a web server. Using an FTP client program such as CuteFTP or FileZilla, you can set up a connection to the server and view its content in one pane, whereas the files on your computer will be displayed in another pane within the main program window. All it takes to send files or entire folders in either direction is to mark them and then to drag them from one pane to the other. FTP is used by many users because you can create different FTP accounts and each of them can be limited to access just one single folder on the server, so a designer, for example, can do their job without being able to access any other content in the hosting account. Furthermore, the presence of different FTP accounts will also enable you to build multiple websites using web design tools such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver and to upload them to their specific folders on the server.
FTP Accounts in VPS Servers
With a VPS server from us, you will have the possibility to create unlimited FTP accounts to access your web content. This is valid for all Virtual Private Server plans, irrespective of which hosting Control Panel you have selected on the order form – cPanel, Hepsia or DirectAdmin. Based on your requirements, you can set up a separate FTP account for each site or a number of accounts with access to a given folder – in case you want to allow several people to access that folder using their very own log-in details. Even if you have never used a website hosting account before or in case you’ve only used a shared one, you will not have any difficulties creating, removing or editing any FTP account on your virtual machine, since everything is done through an intuitive graphical interface and takes only a couple of clicks of the mouse.