Every time you acquire a new hosting account, your payment is processed, the account is made and as automated as the whole process may seem, there're always some things which are executed manually. For your virtual or a dedicated server there're even more things to be done because these forms of hosting often require a manual assembly, software installation & configuration, checking the server platform to guarantee that everything's working the way it should, etcetera. To pay for the cost for the time and efforts all of these tasks take, a lot of companies call for a one-time set-up charge to be paid by their customers in addition to the cost for the shared hosting. The fee often applies to any new hosting account being obtained and it's very rarely mentioned on the company’s website, but it would appear on your checkout page.
Setup Fee in VPS Servers
If you acquire a VPS server from us, all you will have to pay will be the standard monthly fee for the package you've selected and this particular charge is identical every month that you use the server. We do not have any sort of obscured or setup fees and we believe that creating a long-term business relationship that is based on trust is more crucial than charging you a few extra dollars with some concealed charge that you don't see on our front page. We'll set up the virtual server and install its Operating System plus all the needed software applications absolutely free. If you get the VPS with our Hepsia web hosting Control Panel and you curently have a shared website hosting package with us, we can even move all of your content to your new server absolutely free.
Setup Fee in Dedicated Servers
If you acquire a dedicated server through us, we'll set up your machine totally free. The price that you can see and pay will be identical on our website, on the payment page as well as on your bank statement, plus the total amount you will pay through the registration will be the same as the one you will pay to renew your package later on. We will offer you a ready-to-use server, which is put together and tried, and which comes with all the required software in advance - OS, web server, MySQL, FTP, plus web hosting Control Panel if you have chosen one throughout the registration, still all the aforementioned tasks are executed free of charge. We can even move all your data at no extra fee if you acquire your dedicated server with our Hepsia Control Panel and you already have a regular shared hosting package from our company.